Important: This project has been discontinued in favor of the version begun by 2EyeGuy.

This version is being maintained by the same 2EyeGuy, Cegli, Feilen and myself.

You can find more information and download the latest versions by following this link


DolphinVR is a build of gamecube's dolphin emu that uses hydra's positional tracking  and Rift's rotational tracking for positioning the game camera, for the Oculus Rift DK1.

This version is


For using it I recommend using this guide  but using my dolphin build, and skipping the head tracking config in tridef, because the head tracking now is native, i think that my implementation works a little better than tridef ones.

Xpadder now is not neccesary, but you may use it to assign a button for reseting the view.

I preffer using FreePie for this. Here is my script, whit this you can reset yor view with 360 back button, and set enable/disable safe fov in tridef with the 2 thumbs buttons pressed.


The clipping problem still there, but there is a lot of games that works without problems, I recommend  Rayman3, I have completed this game in the oculus with my build and is an awesome experience.


For the positional tracking, the worlds units differs between games, to adjust it you have to assign this in the variable AnaglyphFocalAngle in the gfx_dx9.ini file, this file is located at  C:\Users\{yourusername}\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Config\
Mario galaxy and zelda windwaker uses 2000, Rayman 3 uses 30 for a natural tracking.


You have to attach the right hydra to your chest by some way.


I started with a native 3d imagen for oculus but at the moment is experimental (no changed fov, and one image per eye ), and is better use tridef (awesome drivers)
If to want try it you can activate this experimental feature putting the AnaglyphStereo var to True in the gfx_dx9.ini


You can support my development and give me a boost in my morale donating at my paypal account.



Thanks in advance!


Updated: Added DolphinNoVR.exe for non Oculus owners.





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